How do you describe the sound of rain? That mild muttering of sounds at the onset melding into a thundering rumble at its peak. How do you describe the peace which envelopes you when cocooned in a warm cozy blanket as it’s storming outside? Life-giving water fulfilling its role in a self-sufficient cycle, bringing with it the assurance that life goes on – that life is meant to go on.

Summer rain. Winter rain. Monsoons. Oceans and rivers. Waterfalls and pipe leaks.



How do you describe the emotion you feel when you encounter a large body of water? Its surface smooth and unbroken like rippling blue-green silk. It’s a thing of wonder, of admiration, of… comfort.

Looking at the sea, one can’t help but wonder,

“If the water buries me, will I be transformed?”

“If the water insulates me, will the pain stop?”

“If the water fills me, will I become unbreakable, as fluid as water?”

“Will I die?”

I stared at a great lake today. It was blue and clear, magnificent and modest, alive and deadly. And for the first time in a while, I felt real, terrifying, peace.



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