The Nine Muses

Brooke Fraser

I love this woman. Songs like Crows + Locusts, and Coachella are simply amazing! There’s also something unassuming about her – a subtle confidence regardless of having features that many women would balk at: her hooked nose, her unusual height, etc. I really do love the music she puts out. Always.

Esperanza Spalding

I had the opportunity to see her in concert and though I didn’t think it was possible, she’s even more remarkable in person. She may or may not have been the reason for my interest in the bass and my recent, um, activities. Enjoy:


Besides the fact that once upon a time, this was my nickname (for reasons I hope aren’t obvious), I’ve always been a fan.

Sara Bareilles

Sweet As Whole is one of my favorites by her.

Kari Jobe

I’m sure you guessed she would be on this list. Imagine the kind of music made by a sweet and delightful person who wears her flaws on her sleeve: Amazing. She’s simply delightful! And her music too. I dare you to not fall in love with her after watching this video


The first time I heard of her was when I was taking an intensive course in Israel. My good friend Yael, herself an aspiring musician, recommended some Israeli singers and now, Rita is by far my favorite. Her songs also help me to keep practicing some Hebrew.


She had to be on this list.


Since before… Well, since before I can honestly remember, Amerie has been my go to girl for ‘those kinda days’.

Audrey Assad

With everything from the timbre of her voice to the unpretentious lyrics, she’s quickly climbing my playlist ladder.

And that’s my list – my nine muses of music (like in ancient Greek mythology). They’re arranged in no particular order because I listen to them in no particular order.

I hope you enjoy these artistes as much as I do. And if that’s not your taste, well, that is unfortunate.

And as a bonus: Sara Bareilles’ one of a kind cover of Beyonce’s Single Ladies (So much better than the original in my opinion).




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