Constellation – Eridanus

Time: 11:48 pm

Date: 2011/11/26

Location: Toronto, Canada.

Cavalcade of Lights was the bomb! ‘Cavalcade of Lights’ is the party/fireworks event I went for with my friends, and I totally enjoyed myself. So I just got home, disrobed, and looked into my telescope. The constellation in sight tonight is Eridanus. Now, this is like the icing on the cake to a perfect day because Eridanus is one of my favorite constellations.

Eridanus is the Greek word for the Po River and it’s a fairly large constellation – the 6th largest of the modern constellations. Eridanus has the largest supervoid known so far, (a supervoid is a place in the universe devoid of galaxies). This supervoid is also special because it’s one of the bases for the theory of Quantum Entanglement between our universe and another. Eridanus also has a very simple shape/form – it looks like a vertical zigzag line so it’s easy to find on a clear night.

Like most constellations, Eridanus has it’s own birth story or myth. The story starts with Phaeton, the son of Helios (Greek god of the sun). Phaeton’s mortal mother, Clymene, who later marries Merops, a mortal man, tells Phaeton that he is the son of a god. Phaeton is torn with this news, and so to confirm if it is true, Phaeton tries to ride Helios’ sun chariot but loses control. Helios, seeing that earth in the direct path of destruction, tries to stop Patheon so he strikes him with a lightning bolt, and Phaeton dies (the chariot bursts into flames too).

The constellation is said to be the path Phaeton made with the chariot, kinda like the tire marks a car makes, when screeching to a halt.

I couldn’t get a really good shot  with my camera so I got this picture off the internet instead:



2 thoughts on “Constellation – Eridanus

  1. I’m a sucker for greek myth and astrology.

    Simple, engaging read. I like it. Perhaps you could swing in a bit more humor if that’s your thing. If not, don’t bother.



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